# Where are located my projects on my device?

On iOS, it's simply in Nomad/projects/.

On Android, it's in Android/data/com.stephaneginier.nomad/files/project/.
On recent Android version (10/11), you don't have access to the Android/datafolder anymore. You can access it through a separate app, for example this app.

# It crashes when I save or remesh my model!

Your device is running out of memory (RAM).
To reduce memory usage in your scene, you can use some of Topology tools to reduce the number of polygons.


What matters is the amount of RAM, not the storage (which is usually much bigger).

# It crashes when I load my project!

If the file is relatively small, you can send it to me by email (stephaneginier@gmail.com).

If the file is big, then the device is probably running out of memory. There are several things that you can do to salvage the file.

  1. Make sure you closed any other opened apps on your device, to make Nomad can use as many memory as possible.

  2. If the files is using Layers, you can try enabling Merge Layers (at import) before loading the project. The option can be found in the Settings menu.
    Layers can take lot of memory, merging them at loading can help reducing the memory usage.

  3. Locate your file

  4. Decompress your project (.glb.lz4 to .glb).
    On windows, you need to download LZ4.
    On MacOS, you can use the command line. With homebrew, simply do brew install lz4 and then lz4 myproject.glb.lz4.

  5. Load the .glb file directly into Nomad again.

  6. If it still crashes at loading, you can open the file on any 3d desktop software that supports glTF.

# Can you do animation?

A timeline feature that could animate the layers could be interesting, but not really planend at the moment.
I'd like to support rigging/skinning in the future, but it poses a few challenge (notably the interaction with sculpting tools...) so nothing sure for now.

# Can you do low-poly modeling?

This is not really Nomad Sculpt's scope, but maybe I'll provide a few tools in the future.

# Can you do uv and texturing?

Not planned for now.

# Can you do turntable video recording?

Not planned for now, iOS has a native video recording feature that is very easy to use.

# Can you add [insert-favorite-feature] as a top-level button?

If I did that each time I received such request, Nomad wouldn't be usable.
Customization is probably the way to go, but it's not straightforward. Handling small screen is challenging.

# What are the next features?

For the mid/long term roadmap I got lot of ideas but I don't know yet.
For the short term roadmap, what is planned:

  • scene tree/hierarchy, with instancing support
  • improving Trim tool to be more robust

Bug fixes and improving existing features will always have higher priority over adding new features.

# Why is there a free trial on Android? But not on iOS?

Because old Android devices suck (and some recent ones as well...), and I didn't want people to buy the app and be welcomed with a black screen. But the main reason is that I felt like paid Android apps is not really the norm.

# Is there a way to beta test?

There is no Android/iOS beta version.
However you can see the list of bugs/fixes for the pending/incoming release in the Logs.
The web demo is usually updated with the pending/incoming release.

# Can you translate in [my-language]?

At the moment I rely on the community for translation, but it's not realistic since I vastly understimated the number of text in Nomad! My previous project SculptGL was much smaller.

And I don't really want to have a uncomplete/botched version with many of the strings not translated.
You can't really rely on the community to regularly handle the update (although I've been very luck for the chinese translation, thanks @CrisprHarrison!).

My plan was to use an app translation service but I want to be sure it's not going to be too much work on maintenance (especially since I do updates regularly). So maybe later!