# Paint & Material

# Stroke Painting

Most sculpting tool can paint as well, you can select the intensity and the channel you want to paint on.


You might consider turning on Smooth Shading if you are painting metallic surface on a low poly object.

# Material

PBR painting is using 3 channels at the moment.

  • Color As the name suggests it represents the base color
  • Metalness It simply tells if the surface is metallic or not. The value should be either 0% or 100% most of the time, in-between values should be exceptional.
  • Roughness It tells how "rough" or "smooth" a surface is. A low value for the roughness means that the reflections will be sharp.
Metalness 0% Metalness 100%
Roughness 0%
Roughness 50%
Roughness 100%


Metalness and roughness can't be supported if you are using Matcap rendering, so if you paint you will only see the colors.