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Table of contents

FilesManage your projects, export, import, etc
SceneAdd new primitive and manage your scene objects
TopologyEdit the topology of the model
MaterialMaterial (object-level)
LightingHow to light your scene
Post ProcessPost Processing (screen-space visual effects)
BackgroundChange the background and add a reference image
CameraCamera control and interaction
StrokeEdit the current tool settings, stroke, falloff...
PressureManage the pressure of your pencil
PaintingPainting settings for painting tools
SymmetryManage the mirror plane of your current mesh
LayersManage your current object layers
SettingsCustomize the 3d viewport
InterfaceCustomize the interface
ToolsList of every tools/brushes
HistoryManage the undo/redo history stack
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
TipsWorkflow tips

Community resources


Glen southern

Dave Reed

Small Robot Studio


DM Art classes