# Camera

# Views

You can save camera view points by using Add View. If you click on the view name, then the camera will restore the view.


A saved view will save the Projection Type settings but also the Reference image.
It can be useful if you want to cycle between front/left/back reference views with different backgrounds.

Action Icon Description
Update View Update the saved view with the current view point

# Interaction

# Rotation

You rotate the camera by dragging one finger on the background. If you drag the finger on your model, it will instead start the sculpting operation.

Can I rotate the camera if I can't access the background?

Yes, you can simply put two fingers on the screen - as if you wanted to start a pan/zoom gesture - and then simply release one finger.

# Focus / Reset

Double tap on the model to focus the picked point. If you double tap in the background, the camera will focus on the selected mesh instead.

# Translation

By moving two fingers, you can pan the camera.

# Zooming

By using the pinch gesture you can zoom in/out.

# Rolling

You can roll the view by rotating two fingers.


This gesture is only available for trackball rotation mode.

# Projection Type

You can change the Field of View (FOV / focal length) of your camera. It is usually advised to use a low FOV for sculpting purposes, as it can help for proportion.
You can also use the Orthographic mode, which is more or less similar to a FOV equal to 0

# Rotation Type

By default the camera is using the Orbit rotation mode. It means you have only two degrees of freedom, it is more intuitive but in some cases you'll want more flexibility.
You can switch to Trackball, you'll be able to roll the view by rotating two fingers on the viewport.

# Pivot

When you rotate the camera you can see a small pink dot, this is your camera pivot point.
It's very important to understand where your pivot is so that you don't get lost or frustrated by the camera.

By default the pivot is update through these operations:

  • double tap on the model
  • double tap on the background (the new pivot will be on the center of your mesh)
  • putting two fingers on screen (pan/zoom/roll) will update the pivot on the center of the two fingers


When you are used to it, you can hide the (hint) pink dot if you go in the Settings menus.