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Save the Nomad project.

Save As...

Display the project browser to allow you to save the Nomad project with a new name.


Display the project browser to open a project.

Add to scene...

Display the project browser, when a project is selected it's contents will be merged with the current scene.


Display the project browser, any selected projects will be deleted from the file system.


Start a new project, if there are unsaved changes you will be asked if you want to save.


Display advanced options:

Project/ glTF / OBJ / STL / FBX

Keep topology

Nomad by default will attempt to fix problem geometry on load. Enabling this will stop Nomad from vertex/face reordering, removal of vertex/face duplicates, removal of unused vertices.

Skip textures

Skip loading of textures for formats that support it like glTF

Project /glTF

Keep gui settings

Enable savng of the gui and project settings within the Nomad .nom or glTF file.


Split OBJ by groups

Enable splitting OBJ groups into separate objects.

Color Space

Set the color mode interpreted from the obj as Linear, sRGB, or Auto.


Color Space

Set the color mode interpreted from the obj as Linear, sRGB, or Auto.


For importing 3d files that aren't Nomad projects.

When you import an external scene file to Nomad, you can either import or add it.

Adding a file will simply add the objects into the current scene. Importing a file will create a new Nomad project with the new objects in it.

For now you can import the following files:

  • glTF (glb format only)
  • OBJ
  • STL


If you enable autosave, you can set up a timer so that a popup will appear at regular intervals. The reason why Nomad doesn't save in background is because 3d files can be pretty big so it can induce a significant lag while you are sculpting.

Additionally, to avoid out-of-memory issues the scene is typically compressed before the saving operation. This compression/decompression will slow down the save operation as well.

Timer pop up

How frequently will the timer popup appear.

Enable popup timeout


Save to a 3d geometry format that can be used in other software.

PBR PaintingYes[pbr]NoNo
Multiple objectsYesYesNo

Only include selected objects

Enable only exporting the selected objects instead of the entire scene.

Vertex colors

Export vertex colors if supported by the file format.

PBR paint

PBR vertex colors are exported as secondary vertex colors attributes. The channels are packed in the following way:



Layers are supported through glTF morph targets. Nomad also exports per-layer colors, roughness and metalness but it will be ignored by other software.

Layer painting

Export layer painting, usually ignored by other software.


Export normal information. Note that Nomad will always compute it own normals when importing other file formats.


If textures have been added to the material, they will be exported. Note that this will not bake textures, that is done via the bake options in topology.

Export button

Click this to export the geometry using the selected settiings.

For blender:


Export an image that is the combination of all the settings in the project (lights, materials, post processing etc)

Transparent background

Enable an alpha channel for the render, useful to combine the render with other images in 2d programs. Note that partial transparency is not supported.

Show interface

Enable including Nomad's UI in the render.

Render ratio

A multiplier on the image resolution.

Final size

The resolution to use for the render. When the File menu is active, a dashed overlay will be drawn in the viewport to indicate the render region if it does not match the screen resolution (note that you must be in landscape mode for this to be correct).

Export button

Click this to start the render process, when complete you can then choose how to save the image.