# Files

# Autosave

If you enable autosave, you can set up a timer so that a popup will appear at regular intervals. The reason why Nomad doesn't save in background is because 3d files can be pretty big so it can induce a significant lag while you are sculpting.

Additionally, to avoid out-of-memory issues the scene is typically compressed before the saving operation. This compression/decompression will slow down the save operation as well.

# Import

When you import an external scene file to Nomad, you can either import or add it.

Adding a file will simply add the objects into the current scene. Importing a file will create a new Nomad project with the new objects in it.

For now you can import the following files:

  • glTF (glb format only)
  • OBJ
  • STL

# Export

Layers[layer] Yes No No
Quad Yes[quad] Yes No
Color Yes Yes[color] Yes[color]
PBR Painting Yes[pbr] No No
Multiple objects Yes Yes No
Metadata[meta] Yes No No

# Layer

Layers are supported through glTF morph targets. Nomad also exports per-layer colors, roughness and metalness but it will be ignored by other softwares.

# Quad

Only in Nomad for now, because glTF doesn't support quad officially yet (opens new window).

# Color

OBJ and STL don't support vertex colors officially, so it might not work in some softwares.

# Meta

It includes most of Nomad settings: symmetry, primitive config, transforms, etc.


PBR vertex colors are exported as secondary vertex colors attributes. The channels are packed in the follow way:

Roughness R
Metalness G
Masking B


The packing might change in future versions, if it happens, this manual will be updated.

# For blender: