# Layers

Layers can record position offsets and painting, it can be useful for non-linear workflow. For example by experimenting different facial expression without relying on the history stack to undo the changes.

For painting data, layers are sorted in a top-down fashion; so layers on top will mask the lower ones. The order only matter for the painting information, the sculpting part (offset) isn't impacted.

You can clear part of this mask by using the Delete Layer tool.

# Options

Action Icon Description
Visible Show/hide the layer influence
Edit Name Edit the layer name
Delete Delete the layer
Move Hold to move the layer position in the list
Duplicate Duplicate the layer
Merge Down Merge the layer with the lower layer (or base mesh)
More More... options

# More...

If you want more control you can change the intensity of each channel of a layer:

  • offset
  • color
  • roughness
  • metalness


At the moment layers only share a single opacity channel for all 3 channels (color/metalness/roughness). If you merge multiple layers with per-channel intensity that aren't at full intensity, it's possible that the final result will look different.

Maybe in the future, each channel will have its own alpha channel to remove this limitation.

# Note

Unlike many sculpting softwares, changing the topology of a mesh will not discard the layers.

So you can use the Voxel Remesher, the Multiresolution or the Trim/Split tools.

However for the Voxel Remesher, the quality of the layer will be impacted.